Need help with nameservers

I have a domain that was transferred and the last name servers were piotr.ns and venus.ns
But every time I try to read my site on Cloudflare it’s giving me different name servers. The name servers on the domain cannot be changed for a few days so how can I get my site onto Cloudflare with those name servers, please? I’m loosing business

What is your domain? Is it using Cloudflare as a registrar or only for DNS?

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Its using Cloudflare as a DNS and it was on those name servers. Then it went down and they stuffed up the domain transfer so it is stuck only on those name servers if I can add it back to Cloudflare and have those name servers it will work again and my site will go live. But each time I add it back it gives different name servers??

Yes, that is a new security mechanism.

When adding a domain to Cloudflare that is already using Cloudflare nameservers, the assigned nameservers will now never be the nameservers that the domain is already using, as that would allow others to add your domain to their account.

You would have to create a ticket to find out if that is something that support is willing to assist with, but I don’t think it is.

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You can see that the last name servers are there. I cant update it and I cant transfer the domain to somewhere else cause the idiots but one of my domain name emails as the contact. So now I cant access emails or the website

Would the host be able to access the emails if the domain is not pointing anywhere. I mean I cant even transfer it out because the email to verify the transfer is a domain email and its down… So I am stuffed I don’t know what to do…

How do i open a ticket with support I been looking all over… Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

:point_up: answers to those simple questions help guide us to help you. Moreover answering the questions reduces a boatload of back & forth posts that simply waste your time and…

Can you confirm the name of the domain? If cloudflare is the registrar you need to


You can open an Account ticket here,

Please share your ticket number & domain name (please) here.

  • Ticket ID: [3116713]


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No it using cloudflare as DNS. I do web design so we have many clients’ websites on Cloudflare. But we had to move our domains to a new reseller portal and in the process my main domain got stuck on the old name server venus and piotr. If I can’t get Cloudflare back onto those name servers my domain will not update and everything is off from my WHMCS to my portals etc. I also can’t transfer the domain out cause I need to verify the domain and the fools added a domain email to the verification. So no domain is pointing anywhere right now and I am not getting my emails or site to be up and I cannot move my domain to another portal to update the name servers as the verification email goes to an email that is now down too. Hence why I am asking Cloudflare to please allow my account for this domain to have the old name servers just until I can move it and then I can update the name servers.

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I see cloudflare nameservers of DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool and that you deleted the website from the account you are using here.

And, it’s had a number of nameserver combinations,

I also show history with cloudflare going back to 2022 with attempts to add but I suspect it was never active util the time shown in the above image.

The registrar is Registration information: Best advice is pick an account where you want to control the website (perhaps the one you are using here?), note the names of the nameservers and contact the above registrar to have them change the nameservers.

I’ll note that for my colleague, but the answer to this :point_down: question is Support cannot assist, only your registrar when you contact them.


Thank you yes actually been using Cloudflare all the way back to 2007 with various websites. This is a new website and we had some issues with LiteSpeed quic cloud so we removed it and then added it back. So that is why it’s showing like that. I want to keep it like all my other sites managed with Cloudflare for DNS. I will have to speak to the register. The problem is that I am now not getting any support emails from clients or anything as everything is connected to that domain. Rather frustrating that when they moved the domain they changed the contact details hence the delay in updating name servers.

Sorry not sure i understand Laudian - what you mean by is willing to ?

It’s largely irrelevant, as even if support were willing, it is outside of what they are empowered to do.

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Understood thank you


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