Need help with instructions

I have for months been trying to setup my cloudlfare account and connect it to google domains. I have during these months, been recieving help for which I am gratefeul for, but still gotten nowhere besides finding the problem. Which is, acording to the help I got:

Now, working with google domains has been very tough. I think this problem from the start is mainly due to their errors, since I did nothing except of following the basics of creating a site.
Which is why I am wondering if anybody can send a link of the steps i should be taking to fix the problem of which where my IP address if pointing towards. I don’t know what i should be doing or what I’ve done wrong. I have also tried myself but with their complicated system it is confusing.

Contact your domain registrar namecheap is what I see for the site pending in you account at the moment. Ask them to remove their nameservers and replace them with the two that are shown on

Next, contact your hosting provider and ask them to verify the IP address of your site. At the moment the value / content of your DNS A record (Address record) is an IP that is owned by namecheap.


I think you may be confusing Google Sites, which is a web page builder platform, with Google Domains, a registrar that was sold to Squarespace.

If you are trying to configure a custom hostname for Google Sites, you will still need to update your nameservers at you registrar, Namecheap. Once that is completed, you will need to create a CNAME rather than an A record. That CNAME will need to be set to :grey: DNS Only.


My current registrar is google domain. I don’t have any connection to namecheap. I don’t know why my the content of my DNS A record is an IP owned by namecheap. Any idea on how to resolve this problem?

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