Need help with errors in my account... (Clickmagick with Cloudflare)

HI, I’m hoping someone can help… I am trying to get a site I have working as with a subdomain for a custom link tracker on a site called Clickmagick.

I’m trying to use the wizards, but they are not very beginner-friendly, and I have no idea what actually to input into the fields, or where to find my IPV6 and IPv4 information, etc. I’ve looked on Youtube for specific answers and there’s nothing out there.

Here is what I sent to my support in Clickmagick (their responses are at the bottom of this thread)

" I have an existing domain ( that I was following steps to set it up as a custom domain (ClickMagick)

I already had hosting on the domain, and 1 email set up ([email protected]).

I added a CNAMe of “free” with the tracking link for clickmagic.

I am getting alerts and I’m a bit frazzled. May you help me, please? the alerts are below. I want to make sure I can send emails (and check them in my Roundcube platform, but I feel like I may have messed that up. So, specifically:

  • In the Email Record Creator, do you have examples of what should be input here?

  • In the Email Record Creator “record information”, what do folks generally do here?

  • How do I make sure my DNS only records are NOT exposing IPs?

Also, my MX record has the error, so if you can help me fix that, you’re awesome :slight_smile:

Please advise. Thanks!~


A few more steps are required to complete your setup.

[Use wizard to add an SPF record] and define what mail servers are allowed to send mail for your domain.New Alert

[Use wizard to add a DMARC policy] and choose what happens to outgoing mail that fails authentication.New Alert

Some of your DNS only records are exposing IPs that are proxied through Cloudflare. Make sure to proxy all A, AAAA, and CNAME records pointing to proxied records to avoid exposing your origin IP."

****Support’s responses in Clickmagick are below ******

  1. I’m sorry, but we don’t have information on the error with the MX Record. That’s something you’ll need to contact CloudFlare account.

  2. The MX records are not affected by anything you do for connecting your domain with ClickMagick, actually. MX Records are completely separate and don’t affect your emails on that domain.

However, what you can do is click “Edit” for that record and see if you are able to set to the Proxy On status. It should work but if not, then you’ll need to contact CloudFlare :slight_smile:

Thank you for any and all help!

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I recommend two changes:

  1. Toggle the :orange: for ‘mail’ so that it is :grey: DNS Only
  2. Same for the ‘free’ CNAME.
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Super fast help! Thank you.

  1. I worked on my Ipv6 and DMARC and think those are sorted (do most folks use quarantine or reject for DMARC? I chose quarantine for now)…

  2. I changed mail and free to DNS only. but now I have an error on the mail :woman_facepalming: :joy:

Please see attached. What am i missing? :slight_smile:

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That’s not an error. It’s just a standard warning for when you host email and a website on the same server. It’s unavoidable in such cases. has better instructions for settings, but I use reject just to be extra strict. Most people probably use Quarantine.

Copy that! I read up and was afraid to do reject, because I’m not sure how I would confirm that emails are hitting the inbox. any resources on that (besides sending test emails to myself)?

Also, last question:

My AAAA records came back and there were 2 of them


I read that I could do a range of IP6s, so I did my TXT as

v=spf1 ip6:2606:4700:3032::6815:391f/20 -all

Would what I put include both AAAA? That was confusing. I tried to put both and I got an error. haha

Thank you, sdayman!

Those IPv6 numbers are Cloudflare’s proxy addresses for your site. No outbound mail will go through those. You’ll need to consult with a mail admin for proper settings. Since you’re using clickmagic, they should know what you’ll need for their end.

Oh, okay, good to know. I will ask CLickmagick about what my IPv6 is and input it there.
Thank you,

Wait, wouldn’t the IVP6 come from the domain registrar, though? Why from Clickmagick?

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