Need help with error 1002 reported by Cloudflare

My website occasionally encounters a Cloudflare error 1002. Two weeks prior to the occurrence of this error, no changes were made to the website. The website does not recover automatically after this error occurs, and the only solution I have found is to restart the server. Is there any better solution to this issue? I am planning to use robots to access the website from different countries and alert me when a non-200 status code is returned, indicating that I need to restart the server. However, is there a possibility that the robots can access the website normally while humans cannot?

Were you able to look at our guide below on resolution for error 1002?

There are two 1002 errors Error 1002: DNS points to Prohibited IP and Error 1002: Restricted , which one are you receiving?

Error 1002: DNS points to Prohibited IP

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