Need help with Dynamic content causing site to be slow

Hello, I have a business plan but it seems like the site has to constantly cache the dynamic content. It’s a high traffic site so this is affecting my Google ranking. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this issue? I have a Cloudflare business plan and running on Godaddy’s Managed Wordpress hosting with SSL enabled on the site.

You didn’t post a domain name for us to evaluate, so we can only speculate. You can only cache pages that aren’t affected by user logins. The advantage of the business plan is that you can use the cookie of a logged in user to not cache realtime changes, but let visitors view cached pages.

It’s similar to how a WordPress page cache works: those plugins know to not deliver cached pages to users who are logged in. Shopping sites are difficult, as once some is logged in, you need to constantly update their cart info and often other elements on a page.

At least if it’s Google, you don’t have to worry about Google needing to log in, and you can serve cached pages with the “Cache Everything / Bypass Cache on Cookie” settings.

Hello. It’s a wordpress site. Domain is

I disabled cache on my RSS feeds because thought that maybe caching the feeds would slow the crawl from Google News. I also have cache disabled on the wp-admin pages

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