Need help with DNS SSL setup

My ISP blocks ports 80 443.
The first host provides HTTPS service and opens port 10443, so cloudflare Rules is used.
set up
AAAA first 2404::******* Proxied
SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full
( eq “” and ssl) Rewrite to…10443
I skipped the 443 ban. Work is pretty good.

The second and third hosts started to have problems.
These are experimental machines with various web management ports, commonly used ones are 8006 (pve) 9090 (cockpit)…
Since these services are not mainly open to the outside world, there is no need for proxies and Rewrite.
set up
AAAA second 2404::******* DNS only
AAAA third 2404::******* DNS only

In basic use
DNS resolution is normal
ping normal
Winscp’s ssh login is normal
Browser access using IP and port is normal
If the browser uses the domain name and port, the access will be abnormal.

In order to avoid the certificate not being recognized, they all applied for a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

After various attempts, I accidentally connected to WARP’s VPN, and the browser can access it using the domain name and port.

Is there something I’ve set incorrectly?

Sorry for my poor English, I used machine translation.

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