Need help with DNS Proxy Issue?

Hi, I am new here and new to all this so I hope you will be patient with me. I am using Weebly for my website and CloudFlare for the DNS. On one of my CNAMEs, ftp, Cloufare is giving me an exclamation point/warning message that says, “This record exposes your origin IP, To fix this, change its proxy status.” Can anyone tell or show me what this means, how to change it, and what to change it to? Thank you!

It’s often the FTP entry, as that’s what people use to directly connect to their server to upload files. I recommend not using an FTP entry, and then using the IP address in whichever FTP program you’re using.

The warning is there because most people want to hide the IP address of their web server so attackers won’t bypass Cloudflare and attack your server directly by IP address.

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