Need help with DNS and SSL

I just wanted SSL for my website to be safe. I changed my DNS name servers and now my websites isn’t showing. Help? How do i fix that.

Can you post your domain, or screenshot the errors you’re seeing?


Hi @mamistry,

For your site to be secure, it needs to have been working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare.

The alternative would be to use Cloudflare Origin Certificates →


how do i get this cloudflare certificated

Your host has to let you upload your own SSL/TLS certificate. See if you can find it in their documentation, or ask their Support group.

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i don’t know what my host is. is it where i post my website? i can’t contact them. Can i send you where my host is?

Yes. And based on the placeholder page, it looks like it’s GoDaddy.

I’m getting the same problem but on inner pages not on the homepage any solution? my site:

I’m unable to replicate. It looks like your site is about ten pages, and I didn’t get errors on any of them.

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