Need help with connection timed out 522 on Pi web server

Hello, sorry to hear you are getting this error.

The link doesn’t return a Cloudflare error, it returns this

Are you sure the URL is correct? Check if there is a typo in and tell me if it’s correct!

However the link returns a Cloudflare 502 bad gateway error, looking like this.

As @fritex said make sure that Cloudflare IP’s are NOT blocked a list of Cloudflare IP’s is available at IP Ranges make sure they are set to bypass or whitelist.

The bad gateway error is usually indicates that one server on the internet received an invalid response from another server. In some cases, this error is returned by Cloudflare before contacting your origin server.

What have you tried? Hope to hear back soon, also to troubleshoot 5xx (server errors) visit Again, hope to hear back soon!

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