Need help with Cname pointing

Dear Community,

I am a novice to cloudflare. I am planning to host my personal blog from my home server. I know it’s never a good idea, but thought of trying it. I wanted to try whether you can host your website, without spending any money at all, except ISP charges.

  1. I dont have a static public IP. Hence use dynamic DDNS service from TpLink. So got all set up and my website is running at
  2. Port 80 is blocked by my ISP. I have tried almost everything port 80 does not work for port forwarding.So now if you try http instead of https in the above link site does not work.
  3. I read a blog that Cloudflare free will let you force port 80 to 443. So here I am.
  4. I got my DNS nameservers moved from GoDaddy to point to the Cloudflare name servers without any issue
  5. And then added the cname record as below:

So theoretically, should point to But this does not work.

What am I doing wrong here? Any help from anyone?

With HTTPS, your site shows it’s using a self-signed certificate.

If you can install a Cloudflare Origin CA cert on your server, you can use HTTPS proxied through Cloudflare.

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Thanks. I figured it out now.

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