Need help with CloudFlare-to-Kajabi DNS


Hello CloudFlare Community,

I need some help with my CloudFlare-to-Kajabi DNS, as it the site ( isn’t resolving to my Kajabi site. Here’s a screenshot:

I changed the DNS in Godaddy to CloudFlare’s:

Even so, when I go to, my old ClickFunnels site still loads.

What am I missing?



Add another DNS entry for @ (this is the same as your root domain) that looks like the ‘www’ one and make sure it’s set to :orange:

Then add a Page Rule:
Match* and add a Setting for Forwarding URL (301) to$1


Hi. Should the new record be a CNAME or A record? Thanks!


CNAME. It really doesn’t matter, as the Page Rule will redirect the visitor before they follow that CNAME.


This is what I see when I try…


Change it to CNAME, not A.


This is what I get when I try…


You typed @ which represents your root domain, but you typed in the root domain for the value. @ should point to the Kajabi endpoint. You’ll probably need a Page Rule to get it working.


Can I do the following entries?


Would this fix it?


I think Kajabi wants you using the www for your domain. I know others have set up Cloudflare for Kajabi. Do a search here for ‘kajabi’


I searched but didn’t find anything really helpful, unless I just missed something. I sent info to [email protected] but no reply. Here’s my info again in case you can give it another try to help me.

My domain,, is hosted with Godaddy. I was using the domain with a funnel in ClickFunnels. I deleted the domain from ClickFunnels. I added in CloudFlare and changed the domain DNS to point to Kajabi (the DNS no longer points to ClickFunnels). I also added the necessary page rules as per Kajabi. But for some reason, when I go to, it loads my ClickFunnels dashboard. I don’t know what to do.

2 screenshots are attached.

Can you please help? I’m under a crunch to get the Kajabi site launched.



You still need to add that DNS record for your root domain. Do it like this:

It also looks like your SSL isn’t fully set up here. What does the Universal Status on your Crypto page say?


My crypto is set to Full…

And are you saying that I need to add the Kajabi IP address instead of



Exactly like mine…including the That part doesn’t trigger because the Page Rule will intercept the request.


I added. But it’s still going to ClickFunnels. :frowning:

#16 returns a 302 forwarder to Clickfunnels.

I don’t know how Kajabi works, but the forwarder is initiated by: Phusion Passenger Enterprise 5.2.3


Where would I find the 302 forwarder? :stuck_out_tongue: