Need Help with Cloudflare setup - siteground setup not working

We just moved to Siteground for our new website and our DNS is hosted by another domain registrar and since we have our emails with them we do not want to move the NS to Siteground. So currently only our A records are pointed to Siteground and with this setup, we tried to make changes to the CName for Cloudflare and it didn’t work.

Our question is if we do not want to move from our domain registrar but still want to use Cloudflare, will directly setting up an account through cloudflare work for us instead of going through Siteground?

Hi @womgroup,

If I understand you correctly, you want to use Cloudflare on the site without changing the nameservers?

If so, directly through Cloudflare you would need a Business plan to enable a CNAME setup.

Hi Domjh,

If I understand correctly, the CNAME setup works only for the subdomains and not the root domain – Please correct me if I am wrong.

You are correct, that setup would work for www and other subdomains, but not the root.

Move what from your registrar? You dont have the move the domain to use Cloudflare, however you do have to change the nameservers. If the latter is possible you can simply use a regular account and manage DNS via Cloudflare. If it is not, you could only go for the CNAME setup @domjh suggested.

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