Need help with Cloudflare Access and Website access

I need to set up Cloudflare Access for a small group of people using M 365, QuickBooks Online, a SaaS provider, Vimeo, our website and social media accounts. I’d also like to set up our website and the SaaS provider for member access and our website for guest access. We need to maintain an email list and a donation list for our guests. The members info is stored in the SaaS which has connections in the background to our website.
Would it be a good idea to have an identity provider for our members? Any suggestions?
Link to our network of providers.

Hi there - Thanks for checking out Cloudflare Access. Although you can use a one-time-pin to authenticate with Access we’d recommend using an identity provider. A nice feature with Access is that once you configure your first identity provider you aren’t “locked-in” to that provider. You can continue adding or removing this authentication method from your security policies without fear of requiring a full-scale IdP migration project.

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