Need help with CF redirect page rules

Hi - I have a client that migrated their site to a new domain and wants to point their old domain to the new domain. However, they also want to use the old domain to keep a couple of pages/directories as well as the home page. Is it possible to set up the following page rules like:

olddomain > olddomain
olddomain/directory1 > olddomain/directory1
olddomain/directory2/slug1 > olddomain/directory2/slug1

all other olddomain/samepagepaths > newdomain/samepagepaths

Basically I need to redirect everything to new domain (keeping page path) except the home page and a few other page/directories.

Is this possible?

That’s four rules. Free plans only get three, but for $5/month, you can get more rules. Here’s a rough outline, and thankfully you have yours in the right order:

  1. Match – Setting: Cache Level (Standard) This is a placeholder rule that really doesn’t change anything, but will trigger before the final rule that sends everything else to the new domain.
  2. Match* – Setting: Cache Level (Standard)
  3. Match* – Setting: Cache Level (Standard)
  4. Match* – Setting: Forwarding URL (301)$1 ($1 will carry over everything from the * wildcard)

An extra note on rule priority: When a placeholder rule triggers, no other rule will be executed. So a request for will deliver the content from Same with those two directory rules. But if someone requests, it will skip the first three rules because it doesn’t match, then hit the fourth rule and get redirected to the new domain.

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