Need help with a firewall rule for .mp4

I have a video file hoted on a different domain, i need to restrict direct access and only allow access when it’s being played on a “” domain. How can i do this using firewall rule?

You need to control file access at that different domain.


This domain is also linked to cloudflare, can i do this using a firewall rule or it has to be through .htaccess?

In that other domain’s Firewall Rules section, try something like this:

It blocked direct access but restricted playing it on mydomain as well showing error “403 forbidden”

It’s possible your site isn’t letting browsers send the ‘referer’ header. Check your browser’s dev tools → Network tab for the Request itself (right column) to see if your browser sent a referer header.

Also, make sure the “” part of the rule is your “xyz” domain where the video is played.

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