Need help when i put cloudflare nameserver my site going to offline

hello team,

i need help i am using godaddy (domain + business hosting) both godaddy service. but when i change nameserver then within 5 mint later my site going offline. i think Cloudflare dns not working in my site please check asap. ( i am already contact godaddy customer care they said me this problem is Cloudflare please contact Cloudflare support).

I am attach some image links please see and help me. and this is site where i put nameserver →

Please check below image links

This is my Cloudflare nameserver

If it’s any consolation, your site is working for me.

A global DNS scan looks good…with the exception of Tikona Infinet in India, which hasn’t updated yet. Nothing you can do about that one, except wait.

thank you i am waiting :slight_smile:

trickdinesh, everything is working just fine for me too.

Don’t forget, until you have DNS running on either GoDaddy, Cloudflare or wherever for up to 24 hours(usually a few hours). As sdayman mentioned, you’ll have to sit tight and wait until the rest of the Internet and your ISP to find your server.

It’s easy to panic but avoid switching back & forth between different DNS providers at all costs. It would be like everyone’s phone number changing every hour without a phone book.

Once everything is stable, adding or changing records doesn’t usually take as long.

Hi @Withheld you have said that my site is working fine in outside, I’m not having trouble anymore. I’m waiting for 24 hours to get my site stable from the back.

Thank you

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Your welcome. You can start editing your website or installing applications in the meantime.

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I came back in today I checked my site is not working yet. Please help me

Check your DNS entries from your old DNS provider vs. what Cloudflare has. The result I see is the same whether I go though Cloudflare :orange: vs. going direct to the specified origin :grey:. So if you’re not seeing what you expect the DNS entires must not match what they are supposed to be.

@cs-cf Sir please give me advice what to do where i can get solution.

@cs-cf sir when i set old dns site is again work but when i put Cloudflare nameserver then site going offline within 5 mint

Check the DNS entries with your current provider against the DNS entries in your Cloudflare administration panel. If you have incorrect entires in your Cloudflare DNS settings you will get incorrect results.

how to reset again i need all bydefault my Cloudflare account

You will need to compare the entries in your current DNS to what Cloudflare has manually add and/or edit any entries which are not the same as what your current working DNS has to look the same.

@cs-cf thank you site going online now thank you again

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It appears that you may have duplicate A records for your root domain (one with the new address and one with the old/bad address). You probably want to delete the old/bad address.

@cs-cf hi sir thank you for give me guide. now i am confused. please check this image first.

[edited by Cloudflare Staff]

now first i am tell you. this ip my hosting ip (132…x.x.x) when i add this then my site going up (online). and this ip i don’t know (107.x.x.x) already added i am not add. which one delete i am confused.

[edited to obscure origin IP addresses]

The 107.x.x.x address was imported when the domain was added to Cloudflare in 2017 (2017-06-06T18:54:16Z). If the 107.x.x.x represents an old hosting provider and you have changed to a new provider then the DNS entries have to be updated to the new 132.x.x.x address for the services that it provides.

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@cs-cf thank you assist me i am remove 107.x.x.x yeah this is old hosting ip. currently hosting ip is 132.x.x.x thank you again :slight_smile:

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