Need help verifying that I don't have an active www-redirect

I have what may be a stupid question, but I need to check it off my list. I was advised against linking Siteground and Cloudflare for the full page caching option, as this requires that I redirect all my non-www traffic to WWW: I’ve been told this is not good for SEO.

I did not however set up Cloudflare via the Siteground cPanel. I set it up via and activated full-page cashing via the Siteground optimization plugin in WordPress.

Now I just need to make sure that this setup is not causing my site to redirect to www. I checked my DNS-settings (which I barely understand anything of) and found a CNAMe type DNS with the name www, but I’m not sure what that means.

Can anyone verify that my current setup does not force a www redirect? Or will I know simply by watching if the address changes when I enter my site’s address in the address bar? (hence the possibly stupid question)

I highly doubt that. It doesn’t matter what your canonical URL is, as long as you stick with it. Some use www, and some don’t. But in either case, they need to redirect to the correct one. Once you settle on one, search engines will figure it out and index your URLs relative to the canonical.

If you want to watch redirect behavior, open up your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome), and select the Network tab. That will show which URLs load and their response codes. A 301 or 302 is a redirect.

The idea is that it’s not a good idea to suddenly force a www redirect on a several years old page that previously only used a naked domain. My site is 3 years old and never had www.

Thank you for the tip on using the dev tool. Should I be looking at the “status” column? The codes listed there at the moment are 204 and 200.


Thank you. It’s not always easy to know which advice to follow when you’re a relatively new blogger:)

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