Need help Verifying Polish is active

Hey all,

I checked a couple similar posts, but couldn’t reach a solution.

Wordpress hosted website:

I recently upgraded the site plan from “Free” to "Pro, to use image acceleration services.

After selecting “Polish” on the CloudFlare dashboard, I tried following this article, but could find the code it mentioned “cf-bgj / cf-polished / cf-cache-status”.

Thoughts? Thank you!


That website isn’t using Cloudflare. The www record points to Cloudflare, but when visited returns a 301 to the root domain which is not on Cloudflare.

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess this is something I need to discuss with my hosting provider?

You are on a CNAME setup, which does not support a naked domain.

There is a redirect in place from which is on Cloudflare, to (no www), which is not on Cloudflare.

Hey @michael , I believe I updated the setup. Might take a couple more hours to fully propagate.

Could you check again today or sometime tomorrow? Thank you!

I changed the setup so it should be using Cloudflare now. Do you mind confirming?

Looks like it’s working

May I suggest, convert your JPG images to webP for smaller file size. I think the polish feature is converting it to webP on-the-fly.

You can convert and then compress the webP images so that it doesn’t look like it’s losing quality, here’s one image below as an example, looks exactly thr same when you compress and smaller file size.

You can try turning on your HTTP/3 with QUIC feature to help speed up if that helps.

Thank you for confirming!

And noted on your suggestions, much appreciated.

Where can I turn on “HTTP/3 with QUIC”?

You will see this option to switch it on in the “Network” tab at the top of your CF Dashboard.

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