Need help to remove these insane capchas

I can’t activate ddos shield without getting these insane recapcha which kill legitimate traffic

I have also tested the firewall setting “JS challenge” on my IP and it gives me recapcha instead of browser integrity check. I want to stress that I used the setting “JS challenge” not the setting “challenge (capcha)”, and yet I still get capcha

I have noticed that sites other than mine have proper ddos shield, with integrity check only, no capcha.

I would like to understand why you force capcha on my site. that doesn’t make any sense and makes the ddos shield completely useless. those capcha affects legitimate users and are a chore, sometimes users are asked to do 10 capchas in a row, this is insane, and there is no way to skip them, the “privacy pass” plugin which is supposed to give passes doesn’t work (tested myself)

explain how to get js challenge without capcha please, or I will look for another anti ddos service

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