Need help to improve SEO with Cloudflare

Hi everyone,

I have had Cloudflare since November 2021 with the aim of improving the international seo for (magento multistore with separate domain names), but this is not yet resulting in the expected improvements in the number of visitors abroad.

Like for example for , the visitor numbers have remained virtually unchanged.

The low caching percentage remains and I don’t know how this can be improved.

Do you have experience optimizing Cloudflare or CDN in general?

What are your experiences; does a content delivery network generate more visitors or is local hosting the only solution for more visitors?

I would like to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Robert Smit

I’d recommend putting your domains into Measure page quality and seeing what scores you get - all of these will affect your search engine rankings in one form or another.

I can see you have Polish enabled for your images but have you enabled WebP?

Images are more than half of your site - with (uBlock on) them making up 2.05 MB out of 2.77 MB transferred.

The jQuery version used on the site is 1.8.3 which is massively out-of-date and has several critical vulnerabilities as well - this will be listed on the reports.

Cloudflare will help your site indirectly, not with anything specifically tailored to SEO but rather that a faster site that scores well in Core Web Vitals will get a boost. Web Vitals


Thank you very much for your reply!

WebP is not available, as far as I know, for Magento 1 (I am still working on transferring everything to Magento 2).

Many people told me that server location is no longer crucial in order to be found by international visitors. Site speed is the most important factor.

My website is generating way more visitors in my country than for my domain name in Germany. I don’t see any improvements at all (while it uses the same techniques).

Do I still need an additional local server (from a hosting company) in Germany or do you think Cloudflare is able to replace a local server with CDN?

Thanks in advance!

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