Need help to finish setting up Cloudflare Edge Cache

Hi Floripare,
thanks again for your info.

We are comming closer:

I. Installing Wrangler on my Webserver

  1. node.js has been successfully installed using this info

  1. but it seems that I have problems to install wrangler on my cpanel server.
    Using this info
and >
with the command: npm i @cloudflare/wrangler -g

Failure Screenshot >
2019-10-23T15_52_10_733Z-debug.log Screenshot >


II. About setup of html-edge-cache
the script within “code” tab seems to work but within “resources” I was not able to do add the corresponding WebAsseembly Modules with VARIABLE NAME
Failue screen shot >
I guess this is related of missing wrangler installation

I need to appologize as I am not a native speaker (coming form Germany) and hope you understand my problems to proceed with solving solutions.

Best, Alex

I’m not very familiar with Workers, let alone Wrangler and other such tools. So I’m porting this last message to the Developer > Workers category, where other community members may perhaps be able to help you with setting this up.

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Hi Floripare,

after reboot of my server I was running into the issue that my surfer hung up. Which means I had to unistall node.js and npm on my server too.

As I am not familar and not a developer I need someone who will install me that worker needed stuff properly.

Is there anyone available to proceed and help me to get the worker to run?

I am looking forward to your help.

Best, Alex

Hi Floripare,

I guess I’ve found the problem to be able to install wrangler.

My problem was to use the root ssh access instead of the client ssh access.
Therefore I had to enable the corresponding client to get access via ssh being able to proceed with the installation. NVM + node.js + wrangler installation

Wrangler seems to work now.

Thanks for your support.

Best, Alex

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