Need help to change my cloudflare nameserver setup

Hi Guy`s

My domain is the register from Godaddy end and my hosting from Hostinger end. So where should I change my Cloudflare nameserver at my hosting end or domain end.

I have changed the Cloudflare nameserver at both ends but not a success. Help me the guy`s via step-by-step clear instructions.


You always need to change nameservers at your registrar. What’s the domain?

Hi Sandro,

Where I update these cloud flare nameserver at Godaddy end (where I buy domain) or hostinger end (buy hosting from this end)?

Ehm, did you read my response? Also, what about my question?

Remove the two nameservers you still have assigned to your domain.

But Sandro, If I delete this from my domain side (Godaddy) then How I link or point out my hosting to this domain.

Please familiarise yourself with first before using Cloudflare.

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