Need help to add TXT record for Postmaster Tools

How do I add a TXT record for google postmaster tools? Here are the instructions:

Verify your ownership of

1. Add the TXT to the DNS configuration for

TXT record:


2. Click Verify

When Google finds the DNS record that you have added, we will verify your ownership of the domain. To stay verified, do not remove the DNS record, even after the verification succeeds. (DNS changes may take some time and if we do not find the record immediately, we will check for it periodically.)

Having trouble? Try Adding a CNAME record as an alternate option.

Note: On successful verification, your account will also have access to the domain’s data on Google Search Console.

You can add a TXT, CNAME, and any other DNS record from your Cloudflare dashboard.

Please follow the step-by-step guide on the page linked below:

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