Need Help: Site load considerably longer without the HTTPS

If I type and hit enter, the site loads within a few seconds. If I just type, it takes considerably longer. It’s as if it is trying to find the unencrypted site and then figuring out it needs to go to the SSL version.

By the way, the website is hosted in network solutions and the DNS records are pointed in CloudFlare. If you have an idea what causing this issue, kindly let me know.

The redirect to https is quick (a quarter second).
WordPress took 11 seconds to redirect that request over to www. This is from your server.
And then www took another six seconds to respond. This is also from your server.

So the problem is your server’s delayed responses.

@sdayman Thanks man. Is this something to do with CloudFlare as well? Because we pointed our DNS to CloudFlare (see attached screenshot). I also submitted a ticket to Network Solutions, but I still didn’t get any response.

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