Need Help Setting Up SSL With Domain Forwarding

Is there anyway to have domain forwarding with masking, while using SSL?

For example

https domainname will then forward to a page on a https anotherdomainname but I want the URL in the address bar to always remain on the original httpsdomainname

I already have it working where httpsdomainname forwards to anotherdomainname

I do not see a setting for masking in the Page Rules Section of Cloudflare.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

This question has appeared here in the past. It is not a feature of Cloudflare.

Thanks for the reply! what is workers please? I am not concerned with SEO as this site is basically a lead capture page and not needed for SEO.

Workers is a serverless platform to run your own custom applications.

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