Need help setting up share link

I have a subdomain say I set it to allow and policy for emails and include my email. That works fine and prompts for zero trust code. However I want to bypass if they go to[random code here]. It doesn’t allow me to connect

Hi Tony, you should be able to configure a separate application on that specific path/using a wildcard at the end to cover the random code. Then on that separate application you can configure a bypass policy.

Application paths · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs
Access policies · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

I tried making an application for filebrowser
I have 2
One is :
Has an allow and include emails of

Second one is with path
Has share/* in the path section
Set to bypass and everyone

Is that not right? Cause the first one works but the path one does not its like it can’t authenticate

Hi, I’m trying to do one thing for filebrowser.

Did you manage to make it work?

I need the same help!