Need Help Setting up my First Tunnel for Web App

Please see the attached diagram to first understand layout. Note, obviously “XYZ” is not my domain - just masked it for this public post.
Currently, we are connected to our ERP via IPSec Tunnel from the main office to a hosting data center to our main office. When users access the application they currently use the URL sl9 . xyz . com / WSWebClient / Default . aspx] which points to our Firewall at the main office. The firewall routes that traffic to the data center through the IPSec tunnel.
I’m trying to setup Warp go directly to the datacenter and not go through our firewall and ipsec tunnel.
Warp is installed on the datacenter and the tunnel is Healthy as seen in the attached. The ERP app is running on IIS and you can see that the site has Bindings of sl9 . xyz . com AND dmtasl9 . xyz . com which is the DNS added when I created the Warp Tunnel.
I can’t figure out how to set up the rest of the warp tunnel - either the Public or Private, to make this work.

Thank you,