Need help setting up CNAME of masterlist pointing to

I am trying to set up the CNAME record of masterlist on this domain.

The CNAME record needs to point to

Or, the A name record needs to point to

I thought I did this, but it is not connecting properly. My attached screenshot shows that it is not working properly inside of my CRM.

Please help me with this. Thanks!

Hi @michaeldickson,

In your Cloudflare dashboard, is the record set to :orange: or :grey:? For them to validate it, it will need to be set to :grey: so it bypasses Cloudflare.


Oh my gosh man!

I’ve been slamming my head on a table for three days trying to figure this out!

Did what you suggested and it worked immediately.

I’m so grateful. Seriously. Thank you.

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No problem, glad you got it sorted!

Do you use paypal? If so, email me @ {redacted}

No, it’s fine! Thanks for the offer but not necessary at all, just happy I could help :slight_smile:


Okay. But just know that was a huge help. I’ll try to pay that forward to someone else in my business. Thanks again.

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