Need help setting up a custom domain w/ SSL using Siteground w/ free Cloudflare. Is it possible?


I’d like to set up a custom domain for an image sharing app (CloudApp & Droplr). It works fine without the SSL, but when I try to get it to work with HTTPS it won’t work.

Do I need a paid version of Cloudflare to make this happen? According to Siteground, because the link is being pointed to the apps hosting/domain whatever - the SSL “Let’s Encrypt” won’t work because it’s being pointed away from Siteground…and that I need to speak w/ Cloudflare. is this true?

I’ve tried setting up a rule in Cloudflare to enforce HTTPS but still nothing…any help would be greatly appreciated. Here are the instructions to what I’m trying to do:

What is your site?

Have you ever get this to work? I am having the same struggle.