Need help Removing AAAA DNS record(s) for Domain for site on Weebly

My domain name is not working according to weebly who I am using as my website builder. I need to remove the AAAA DNS records(s) through Cloudflare. Does anyone know how to go about this? Cloudflare support refuses to offer any help

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Thank you for asking.

May I ask if you’re having an Cloudflare account with your domain added?
Therefore, the DNS tab is the one which you’d need to make those changes, if so and if the existing AAAA records are being added and used, so far.

Helpful articles which contain step-by-step instructions, in case if needed:

Otherwise, if that’s a question related to the AAAA records being returned on a lookup for your domain while using :orange: , I am afraid it is not possible to disable IPv6 (AAAA records) while using a proxied :orange: hostname anymore:

Why can’t I turn off IPv6?

At Cloudflare we believe in being good to the Internet and good to our customers. By moving on from the legacy world of IPv4-only to the modern-day world where IPv4 and IPv6 are treated equally, we believe we are doing exactly that. In the Cloudflare dashboard, IPv6 is no longer something you can toggle on and off, it’s always just on.

Article about IPv6 support on Cloudflare:

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