Need help regarding ssl for subdomain

I have recently created NS records to host a subdomain on different hosting provider. but cloudflare security is not working on that subdomain. is there any way to fix it. also I tried to add that subdomain as a new website in cloudflare but I can’t add it as it is saying something like subdomains are not allowed.

Do you have an sub-domain with A or CNAME record added to your Cloudflare dashboard?

If you got this one:

Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g., , not ) (Code: 1116)

If you want to use Cloudflare over your sub-domain, firstly the main (root) domain needs to be added to Cloudflare (requires changing the nameservers for your domain at your domain registar).

Subdomain signup is possible on out enterprise plans:

Therefore, you will need to add a record in your Cloudflare DNS for the subdomain to resolve.

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I have with NS record.

Root domain is already added.

Actually my main domain is hosted on hostinger with cloudflare nameservers. Now I made a dns NS record and used infinityfree nameservers to park it on infinityfree. So I have to enable ssl for that record which is parked on infinityfree.

Should I upload screenshot of my dns records

Hi @techvedang17
Please keep in mind that the Cloudflare SSL certificates work only when the traffic is proxied through Cloudflare.
You can check this article for more details:

  1. What is your domain name?
  2. Where is your website content hosted?
  3. Is your domain nameservers pointed to Cloudflare nameservers or not?

Actually main domain ( is hosted on hostinger and subdomain ( is hosted on infinityfree :sweat_smile:

Domain pointed to cloudflare nameservers and ssl is working there.
Subdomain pointing infinityfree namerservers and ssl is not working there

I have hosted subdomain on different host using this trick

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But you have an record (A or CNAME) at Cloudflare DNS dashboard, is that correct?

If so, is the record :orange: or :grey: cloud?

If you put it to :grey:, does it work via HTTP or HTTPS?

I assume you would need to install an SSL certificate for your hostname to make it resolve over HTTPS (either purchasing one, or using Cloudflare CA Origin certificate) and also having Full SSL option enabled for your domain.

As well as Flexible SSL option (you could try to setup using a Page Rule to have Flexible SSL only for your sub-domain, which is really not recommended way to use that kind of SSL option as already written in the article below:

Cannot you generate an SSL certificate for your sub-domain at InfinityFree hosting interface? (the record would need to be :grey: at Cloudflare DNS dashboard in the time of generating/renewing the SSL certificate, later on after successfully generated you should switch it back to :orange: and also check that your SSL option is selected as Full SSL at Cloudflare SSL tab)?

The tutorial how to get an SSL certificate at InfinityFree for your sub-domain as follows on the below articles:

The recommended way to get free SSL certificates is using the SSL certificates tool in the InfinityFree client area.

Or generate one at Cloudflare (using Cloudflare CA Origin) and install it using the tutiral from InfinityFree:

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