Need help pointing my Cloudflare to the right domain and hosting

Hello everyone, first time here so hopefully you can help me out.

I have recently been given the job of working through a new website and getting it ready for launch.

The site was hosted with InMotion hosting by another gentleman who we have been unable to contact regarding the hosting. The domain is hosted by GoDaddy.

To bypass all the hassle of trying to go through InMotion I have added pointed the domain through to my 123Reg hosting package. It was all working okay, but I had the new error message about security from Google.

I then went through the Cloudflare installation and it looks like it has worked until I go onto the site and see that its pointing towards the old hosting and the old site I had tried to bypass. I contacted my hosting company for advice.

They said that my hosting was set up correctly, so it seems that Cloudflare are pointing the SSL and redirect towards to the old site. I was told to change the Ip addresses of the DNS to the correct one for my hosting, but I am not sure which bits of data need changing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You will want to change the records in the DNS tab if your Cloudflare dashboard. This may help

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