Need help please G Suite/Cloudfare

I was on siteground and went through the process of Changing the domain information on there to the DNS for Cloudflare. According to their support my domain is pointing to Cloudfare. However when I am setting up G Suite and verifying my domain via cloudfare it says it can not verify it. Cloudfare shows my domain active but when i go to my domain it says suspended. I have no clue what I am doing and just followed step by step directions.

Where does it say your domain is suspended at? A screenshot or the exact wording would help.

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That looks like a message from your hosting provider (probably OVH) saying your hosting account is suspended, and isn’t a Cloudflare issue. Make sure the IP address in the DNS tab is correct, or contact your hosting provider about why your account is suspended.This also shouldn’t interfere with verifying your domain with GSuite.

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