Need help please explain like i'm a small foreign child

please help, need the exact correct settings for my dns. endless links to articles full of technical terms i don’t understand are not helpful.

Unfortunately nobody here knows. You need to contact your hosting provider(s) to determine what’s records they require.

sorry, but why would my hosting provider require or even know dns settings in cloudflare, isn’t the whole point of cloudflare to be a cdn?

how do i get someone to help? where is the phone number for support? do i have to pay to get actual help? how much is it and where do i go?

why does the person’s reply above keep getting ticked as “solution”? it doesn’t even make sense let alone provide a solution? i don’t understand any of this, someone please help

“solved by thedaveca in post #2

how is this solved? who keeps marking it solved?

someone help, is there some reason nobody will help?

Because it is the solution, you need to contact your host for the correct DNS records.

I would strongly recommend a bit more of patience, as this is the community and nobody is obliged to answer at all.

To address your question, Cloudflare is not a CDN and hence requires exactly the information @thedaveCA referred to.

I’d strongly suggest to check out as that will clarify most of the basic questions.

apparently i’m blocked from unticking the nonsolution as a solution now. is this like a boys’ club or something and n00bs get ignored or obliterated for daring to ask for help?

Did you even care to read my response?

yes i’m reading every response with bated breath waiting for actual help to happen.

your response that cloudflare is not a cdn doesn’t play well with

“Cloudflare CDN | Content Delivery Network | Cloudflare”

in the title of all their webpages, so i can’t tell if i’m being trolled or what the deal is, it’s like upside down world in here so far.

That is unfortunately a bit of a miswording on Cloudflare’s side and Cloudflare definitely is not a CDN in the traditional sense. Cloudflare is a distributed network of reverse proxies, which tunnel your site’s content and some people might consider this similar to a CDN.

Anyhow, as @thedaveCA already said you need the records from your host, otherwise it wont work.

but in the setup it reads all my domain’s dns, so not sure why everyone keeps telling me to get it from my host, as i’m sure all the vets here went through the setup process long ago and already know this is what happens in the second step, and that wasn’t even my question to begin with, which is why that solution is not a solution.

Your question was about the DNS settings on Cloudflare and these are the records which the solution refers to.

the question isn’t just about dns settings, it was about exact correct settings for setting up cloudflare. cloudflare read the host’s namesevers in the second step of setup when i entered my domain, so that “solution” isn’t even relevant, nevermind that it doesn’t make sense as a response to the question.

As I already suggested earlier, I would recommend to check out Every basic question is covered there.

If you then still have difficulties with things not covered there, posting here certainly will be an option.

yes, that’s why i’m here, asking for an explanation or tutorial for dummies.

This is exactly what the official reference at is for.

i don’t know what the lack of communication is, i’ve already tried that and it doesn’t have the answers to the questions i have. it tells me what i can do, not what i should do. i can see what i can do, i need to know which is the correct thing for me, instead i get endless links to endless articles full of technical terms and jargon that assume everyone is an i.t. guru who’ll just figure it out on their own i guess.

I am sorry, I do not know what else to say or suggest at this point than what was already said.

You’ll need to familiarise yourself with the terminology and technology and the mentioned support reference is there to assist. If you do not want to do this, it certainly might be an idea to hire a professional to do that for you.

The forum’s intended purpose is not to provide detailed walkthroughs on an individual level or offer general IT courses, but it is there for concrete issues which are not covered by the documentation and tutorials (e.g. your Worker script doesnt cache even though you call the cache).

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