Need help on cloudflare DNS server or Nameserver


I am bug bounty hunter and security enthusiast.
I was doing subdomain enumeration and i thought something about rate limiting to prevent DoS on namerserver. If i use ffuf how much threads should i use to avoid getting banned or avoid my request to be dropped. If i go too high maybe i will DoS If i go slow it will take months. Moreover, i want to know what type of character nameserver doesnt accept. If i test a non alphabetical character like 保存 到 我的东西 (推荐) like this will my request will be dropped. If you have any post related to data like amount of threads to use and other data like what arent accepted by nameserver. I want all subdomain to be enumerated but if will drop my request i will fail. Hope you understand
And BY THE WAY this is FAST. I mean extremely fast.

Questions about rate limiting have been asked and answered before. It’s best to contact CF if you have a particular use case that you know looks like abuse.

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