Need help mitigating a DDOS Attack


I need help mitigating an ongoing DDos attack on website.

Attackers are attacking home page of our wordpress site, with multiple IPs, countries, ASNs and user agents.

Screenshots of the attack:

We have tried blocking countries, Asns and user agents, only thing that works is Under Attack Mode.

Can someone help with some WAF rules so we can mitigate this attack?

Thanks. Regards.

May I ask if your WordPress Website has been, just in case, checked, cleaned from some possible malicious code, malware, vulnerabilities? :thinking:

I’d like to share a helpful article from my friend here:

More useful stuff to take a look at:

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We’re going thru the same thing you are.

We’re getting about 200m requests a day on our wordpress site.

No vulnerabilties from our plugins - but the massive number of requests are taking down our site because it’s flooding our error log.

“Im under attack mode” has been the only thing that’s fixed it… they keep changing up the IPs, user agents, and methods every day.

Hello and thank you for your response,

Wordpress version and plugins are up to date.

The attack is going now for more than 24 hours.


Thank you for the helpful articles but we cant target any asn or countries since the attack is so random.

We are using cloudflare apo.

I have removed under attack mode, and now i have a rule to challenge all countries except countries of most of our users.

Any more help is appreciated.

Best regards.

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