Need help, migrating from Godaddy to Hostinger

I have been using cloudflare for my website since a year. My hosting company is Godaddy. I have recently purchased hostinger hosting and want to migrate my site from godaddy to hostinger.

Hostinger is asking my to change the name server records, since I am already using cloudflare NS, how can I change them to hostinger? Won’t it break my SSL certificate?

Please let me know how to go about it!


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Instead of switching nameservers, you can just modify your DNS record to point your website to Hostinger’s server IP address.

Would it work? Considering my NSs are managed by cloudflare

You just need to change DNS records (particularly, A records) in Cloudflare dashboard. You don’t have to use other nameservers.

Thank you, I will try doing that :slight_smile:

Getting error 525

Try to generate Cloudflare Origin Certificate from the Cloudflare dashboard, and upload it to Hostinger dashboard. It’s free.

After that, set SSL mode to Full (strict) in the Cloudflare dashboard. By doing that you can ensure full encryption between visitor and your server.

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