Need help in setting up zero trust for Self-hosted application

I need help in setting up zero trust for a self-hosted application. Our plan is something like this:
We have multiple machines all of them need to connect to a application.
Application is just self-hosted website.
By default all incoming connections are blocked for that application.
Only allow connection from device which have access.

This is how I want to give access to devices:

  1. Deploy WARP to those machines
  2. Login WARP with team account
  3. Now that device should be able to connect to the application

So far I managed to deploy and login WARP (Team account) to a test machine. But I am not able to find a way to allow that machine to connect to application. How I can configure these rules. Can someone please help me?
Is it even possible to achieve what I want?

Yes, this is possible. Assuming that you have your self-hosted application protected behind Cloudflare Access, you can achieve this by adding a Device Posture attribute and using this attribute as a require rule in the Access policy.

From your Dashboard navigate > My Team > Devices > Device posture > click the “+ Add” button and find Warp and Click Save

Now back to your Access policy for self-hosted application that you want to protect; edit the policy and add a “require” section and select Warp from the dropdown menu, your policy would look as shown below,

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No its not helping at all… I want specific machines to be able to connect to my Application without any authentication.

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