Need help in setting up Spectrum for my game server

I am on an enterprise plan and i need help in setting spectrum for my UDP based application,

My origin port is 27015.

I tried setting up but cant connect to server.

Did you create a ticket? If so, whats the ticket number?

I need help in setting up. thanks

Could you please share a screenshot of the Spectrum application you have created? Feel free to redact the origin IP address.

If you are able to connect directly (i.e. without using Spectrum), please make sure that your origin server is configured to accept connections from Cloudflare’s IP addresses. You can find the list of Cloudflare IP ranges here:

If you are unable to connect even when not using Spectrum, that indicates there’s an issue with your origin server.

For more information on setting up Cloudflare Spectrum, you may refer to the following documentation:

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I have tried disabling proxy protocols as well.

and yes i am able to connect to server with its origin IP.

Random question, you are on an Enterprise contract, why not ask your Customer Support Manager?

You sure you have UDP and not like TCP?

I think its clearly written on my screen shot that im using UDP.

Idk my CSM

I saw, but barring IP typos that could be the only issue. You could have wrongly selected UDP, when you needed TCP.

That seems very strange… I know it’s always a known person.

A birdie told me to contact support (via chat, should be fine, or via a ticket) and they’ll find yours/assign one to you.

That way they can assist you while having access to your account.

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