Need help in restoring DNS Root A Record for CloudFlare Edge

Hi, My current hosting provider just switched from CPanel to DirectAdmin and now all CPanel CloudFlare (Partner) Settings have been lost or no longer accessible.

My CNAME www CloudFlare setup is currently working, but having issues with my root domain.

How can I restore or resolve it back? Right now I am getting a Timed Out (Validation) with my root domain.

Can you share the domain name?

Hi @cloonan. It’s

It is in a shared hosting service and somehow another account managed to enter the domain in his shared account even without the ssl certificate. I only found this out they switched to this new admin panel.

I’m not sure what details you lost with the partner, but they have/had the DNS records and may be able to assist. I am not seeing the timeout error nor can I get www to respond. I do see there is an issue with certificates and I’m hitting an error with an invalid x10 cert. We should honor that with a flexible setting but see an issue with your universal ssl cert as well. Can you go to the DNS app, edge certificate tab and toggle univesall ssl off (bottom of page), leave off for 15 minutes and then re-enable? You should visit the site while it’s off to see if you note any change.

Thanks. It has changed and I am now getting a Pending Validation on my root domain.

I see. I have already reported this error and they are now investigating on this and said it has something to do with Apache the way this another account managed to add my domain even w/o a certificate.

Hey @cloonan

Currently my www ssl still works ok but my root domain certificate is still pending validation even after my host provider resolved an account conflict in their system. The A record now points to my assigned shared ip/server in their system.

Any steps that we still need to take care of on our end?

I’d toggle universal SSL off for 15 minutes, and then turn back on, that’ll restart the process.

Thanks @cloonan, but I already did that right after my last post today and still getting the same results.

If I ping my root domain url, should it resolve to

or what would be the correct setup or IP for the A record?

Do I have to add cloudflare name servers on my dns given my hosting does not use CPanel anymore with the cloudflare integration and now with DirectAdmin instead?

I can see my www subdomain works since it directly points to cloudflare cname or ip address

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