Need Help here

Hey there I need help on url forwarding if you could help me I would really appreciate it,

So I have been using cloudfare for a while and I use it for my Minecraft server and my discord commands help website.
Just a few days ago I created a Webstore for my Minecraft server on tebex and I am using their domain like (mywebstore dot tebex dot io) and I want a domain like (shop dot mydomain dot com) with the help of url forwarding so is their a way I can setup a ( to redirect to (

I am able to setup a ( url forwarding to (mywebstore dot tebex dot io) with page rule and I don’t know how to setup a sub domain with it like I said like (shop dot mydomain dot com)

Pls help on this query!
And the dot word between the domain is . I did it because it wasn’t allowing me

You’d still use a page rule, but you first need a DNS entry for your ‘shop’ hostname. Make it an IPv6 Placeholder record “AAAA” with a value of :: (two colons). Make sure it’s set to :orange: Proxied.

And then the Page Rule to match* with the Forwarding URL to the tebex URL.

Thank you soo much
It finally works!

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