Need help getting my google workspace email to work

Hey guys so i am having trouble getting my google workspace email to work , nothing is coming through. And i contacted google support , and they told me to get help from cloudflare since the domain is connected to it. What do you guys recommend i do?

Hi @osanchez.sanchez0,

What is the domain and what is not working?

Yeah so the domain is and i am unable to receive emails on that domain , the domain was set up on google workspace , and from what i remember of what the google support team told me to do was to get my email to point to the cloudflare servers , i think it has something to do with mx , not sure

It doesn’t look like you have any MX records for that domain. You should add the records required by Google Workspace in the DNS section of your Cloudflare dashboard.

If you already have, scroll down that page and check the nameservers showing are:

yes i have those nameservers present, but do you happen to know what those MX records are and how i can add them in ?

I would guess that the records you need are these:
Google Workspace MX record values - Google Workspace Admin Help
Google even has their own guide for how to add these at Cloudflare:
Cloudflare: Activate Gmail for Google Workspace - Google Workspace Admin Help

your a legend , this helped a lot , thank you!

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