Need help from customer support team to add a DNS record for a staging subdomain

I have been advised by my current web hosting service Crazy Domains to contact you with regards to a technical issue I am having.

I created a staging subdomain for my client’s website and everything has been working up until recently.

Crazy Domains advises that the DNS for the subdomain is not being redirected properly and that it is currently managed by Cloudflare, the DNS record can only be added by Cloudflare.

Since Cloudflare does not have a direct customer support line, this is the only choice I have to try and fix this issue. If someone from the customer support team could assist me with this matter I would be very greatful.

Hello there,

Cross check the ip entry of the same in the DNS

I assume here you/ account holder needs to add the record in DNS of related CF account.

Here’s the way to file support:

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Thanks very much for your help.

The website was made by another designer before passing it on to me, so I will contact them to see if they made a CF account and go from there.


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