Need help for updating page rules for Wordpress site


I would like to review my existing page rules for my site. Can anyone check my below rules and let me know if anything need to modify?

Thank You.

Hi @domains3,

You could use a smaller set of page rules, freeing some of them to specific redirects you many need now or in the future.

Rule #1 Unless you have some subdomains for which you don’t want HTTPS, you can set the Always Use HTTPS at the Dashboard > SSL/TLS app.

Same with Security Level: High, which you probably want in effect for your whole domain. Having this set at the page rule level means you’ll need to remember to edit the rules should you ever need to set I’m Under Attack mode for your zone, as the page rule would reduce the security level from IUA to High.

Rule #5 in my view is not needed. Files in this folder are cached by default, and Cloudflare will respect origin headers and set browser cache accordingly, unless they are not present or set a smaller amount of time than what you set in rule #6.

Rule #6 Browser Cache TTL is too high. You can always purge cache in the edge (Cloudflare), but you won’t be able to purge visitor’s cache in their browser should you need to update content. I have my static-content WP sites set at 1 day or less for Browser Cache TTL, a month for Edge Cache TTL.

Rule #7 Rocket Loader setting would not work. If Rocket Loader is On for the HTML URL, than it will be used for JS down the file tree, even if a page rule says otherwise.

Hello @cbrandt,

We will modify the page rules. Thank You.

Our site is

When checking page speed with Google, Home page takes more than 8 sec and some inner pages took around 20 sec.

It would be great if you give some suggestions.

Thank You.


Any suggestion please.


Hi @domains3,

Many issues can cause the slowdown. What is being measured is the speed with which your page loads from a specific datacenter.

Google PageSpeed Insights is not the ideal tool, as it navigates from different locations around the world, and don’t dive you control of which datacenter it will test from.

I’d suggest you test the speed with, where you can pick the location(s) that are the closest match to that of your target audience. Run the test with “Repeat view” enabled, so that it fetches the page twice. The second reading will have the files already in cache.

That said, using Chrome Dev Tools what I see in your page is that it loads resources from a very large number of sources. Cloudflare does not cache or optimize in any way resources that are not served out of your own domain. So you want to have a look at your page setup to see if you can aggregate some of these services into fewer service providers, thus reducing the time it takes to negotiate and open connections with all of them. Also, you may want to consider using the HTTP/2 preconnect hint to speed up these connections. There are plugins that may help you with it (I use the Pretty Party Plugin for that).

The 20s you mention on your inner pages are mostly the result of a few PNG files being lazy loaded for a slider. The page is fully loaded at around 5/6 secs, but then each of these slider images add several seconds to the total, creating a bad impression. What really matters is the speed with which your end user will be able to start reading and interacting with your site. You may check nevertheless the settings of your slider plugin, see if you can somehow adjust it to eliminate this gab between images.

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