Need help for problem with set up DNS for email

Hi members,

I am trying to manage on behalf of some of my client’s email marketing and online booking diary, both in white label with campaign monitor, so that my clients can have a personalized access area such as:
The same thing for agenda, instead of having address, they can have

I set up MX DNS for email, now I can send email, but I can’t receive email.

See the attached screenshot. Where did I go wrong?

Try to limit your SPF record to one record. Never saw those combinations of MX records before, what are the number combinations before the domain?
Now for receiving mail to actually work (from experience) I think you will need an A record for mail poiting to your mail server IPv4 address (not proxied) instead of a CNAME record poiting to DNS domain. You could do the same for an AAAA record poiting to your mail server IPv6 address if available. Good luck!

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