Need Help Error 523


Hi there,

I need some help regarding the situation. I’m currently trying to use the full(strict) SSL however i’m stuck at error 523. I already checked the DNS and the IP is matched with my Digital Ocean IP.
I need your help.

Attached the image for DNS record for DO, Runcloud, google NS, and Cloudflare


You have Cloudflare configured to redirect to HTTPS, but your server is not responding on Port 443.

  1. Does your Digital Ocean server have SSL configured for your website?
  2. What is your SSL setting here at Cloudflare? (flexible or full?)


Thanks for the quick response.

  1. No it’s all clean when i connect to cloudflare
  2. I tried to use the full(strict)

Currently just using as free user for cloudflare

Edit : and now it’s not forced https to my site (eventhough i turned on “always use HTTPS”) ? does cloudflare needs time to set up properly ?
Edit 2 : Back to error 523 with forced https working


I just noticed you’re using Runcloud. They offer SSL for sites they configure.

Getting that set up at Runcloud should fix the 523 error. You may have to :grey: your DNS entries while you get that set up at Runcloud.

EDIT: …unless you’re using their Free plan, and that doesn’t give you SSL. In which case you’ll have to use Flexible SSL, which is not fully secure.


Yes the issue resolved when i use the flexible SSL. However, i would like to attempt to use the full one. Is it possible with just the free plan ?


No. Runcloud says they don’t offer SSL on the free plan. You need that for Full SSL.


So when i use paid ssl from runcloud it would be let’s encrypt right ? Will it be overwritten by cloudflare ssl when connected to cloudflare ?


End-to-end connection needs both:
SSL (Let’s Encrypt) on your server and SSL (Cloudflare) on the Cloudflare server.


I see so that is the problem. Thank you very much ! I You saved me there :+1: