Need Help Creating New Pro Plan Account for .GOV

We’d like to setup a Pro Plan to host the “” domain but need help to onboard. When I try to set up an account for I get a “ is not a registered domain” validation error and when I submit a support ticket, I get a response saying that I’m not the account holder and it just repeats. My ticket is #2405693

What do I need to supply to Cloudflare to help set up an account for a .gov domain? We have already taken all of steps and been approved by the .govRegistrar. Now we would like to host the domain at Cloudflare.

My ticket is basically very similar to Setting up hosted DNS for .gov.

Doesn’t look like there’s any NS records for - these are required for Cloudflare to be able to ‘see’ the domain & allow you to onboard it.

That is correct. I have gone through the process at the .govRegistrar and the .govRegistrar is asking me to provide a nameserver for their validation process. That is why I need Cloudflare to help me set this up manually to let me set an account to host the DNS. I’ve added this thread in the hope that Cloudflare will see it and help me.

Are you contacting support from the correct email as the super admin on your account?

I’ve escalated your ticket number.


Thanks for flagging, we’ve updated your ticket accordingly after manually adding your .gov zone as per your Registrars requirement.
You should be able to now continue with activating it at your Registrar, which will then in turn Activate on Cloudflare


Thank you! They have contacted me now.

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Thank you, I have entered the Cloudflare name servers at the DotGov Registrar. Thanks for your help.

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