Need help connecting google site page to domain name

I need help connecting my google site page to the domain I purchased from cloudflare.

On the google end I verified my domain and then followed the instructions to create a cname record for cloudflare.

When I search the website up I get the cloudflare code error 525 SSL Handshake failed

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Ensure that the record is :grey: DNS Only. Once the site is working properly via HTTPS, you can test :orange: proxied.

It sounds like the origin site hasn’t set up its TLS certificate. This could be due to a connection failure. Certain Cloudflare settings could be involved. Switching to :grey: is an effective way to test that.

It also may be that the origin site doesn’t recognize the custom domain name. Reviewing your Google Sites settings would confirm that.