Need help configuring DNS domain answer is Error 1016

I need help with my domain dns config
I read so much posts but nothing seems to work fine
I don’t understand where I’m wrong
I have a domain and a dynamic ip address that is been updatet by dnsomatic
After I have been successfull with the domain I’ll setup my subdomain with your help
Could someone help me pls ? I’m really frustrated about this…
In the image below my config at the moment

The first entry for “” looks slightly weird with the quotes. Did you add them? Why the CNAME setup to “dynamic”? Can you update that very naked domain with your IP address as an A record?

“dynamic” seems to resolve properly, however there is an SSL issue. What is your current SSL status on your Overview page?

I put the record like explainde in this guide

My SSL status is off in SSL/TLS app

That explains the SSL error. What is the status of Universal SSL (at the very bottom)? Do you have any certificates listed?

Not too familiar with that bit. The quotes just bother me, can you try to re-set the value as

No SSL . I have a button at the end “Enable Universal SSL”

I have removed the quote…

I appreciate your help thanks :slight_smile:

Click that, but you might have to wait a while until that certificate gets issued. Could take up to a day AFAIK.

Seems to work now, apart from SSL :slight_smile:

This is the answer I have on
This page isn’t redirecting properly
Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this page so that it can never be completed.
This problem is often caused by pinning or rejecting cookies

For me it does load but returns a 404

So SSL already seems to work.

I used your tool and the answer is “Hmm, is only partially available”
What does it means ?

…sorry my bad english…

That message is because of the 404. Click the details link for more.

Your Cloudflare setup seems to work fine at this point and reaches your server, the 404 must be something in your server configuration, check out the log files.

And no worries about English, thats absolutely fine :+1:

Ok thanks…about logs …apache ?

I assume that is your webserver, right? In that case, yes. I have the impression the SSL configuration on your server might be off. HTTP returns a 200, HTTPS a 404. Check if SSL is also configured for your virtual host or wherever you configured your site’s content.

I have a wordpress + many other service up on the server…all in docker
This is the config of ports
- “88:80”
- “455:443”
and ports 88 and 455 are correctly redirect to server from router…

88 and 455 are not supported by Cloudflare

ok I’ll try 2087 for https…

Something gone wrong …

Have to make some test

Your server does not seem to listen on port 2087.

That seems to be on your internal network, not on your public IP.

redirect from external to internal ip