Need help changing NS to another hosting service

I was hosting my website on a dedicated box and was getting bombarded with ddos attacks. The host suggested that I work through Cloudflare. I have since purchased hosting through another hosting provider. How can I change my NS to this other hosting provider?

Thanks in advance for your help!

What’s the domain?

My domain is and I’m switching my hosting to namecheap. I know the NS’s, I just don’t know where to enter this information to make the system point to the correct place.

You need to change the nameservers with your registrar, however they already seem to point to your host. If there’s anything unclear, contact your registrar for more details on how to change the nameservers.

Thank you. I thought that I would have to change it here, ( or perhaps I correctly changed it here). Thank you very much for your help

The whoislookup says, clientTransferProhibited. Could that be a reason why I can’t see my domain name in my cpanel?

No, that’s unrelated to the configured nameservers.

Thank you again. I will reach out to Ionos to see if there is anything holding things up on that end… Everything seems to be working except that I can not see it in my cpanel at namecheap.

Thank you again for your help. I reached out to Name Cheap and they pointed me to where my domain is on their Cpanel.

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